Your hallway closet is a treasure trove of organizational potential. But if you want to take full advantage of it, you have to use it correctly.

Right now, your hallway closet is probably being used as a catch-all for things you’re not sure where to put. There could be anything from shoes and coats to towels and bedsheets in there.

When you don’t have an attic, hallway closets are also the default place to keep boxes of holiday decorations and other bulky items. It can easily end up in disarray!

But here’s the thing:

If you get your closet under control, your entire home will feel more organized. You’ll no longer have boxes falling out toward you every time you walk down the hallway!

Organizing can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Keep reading for some hallway closet organization tips that will improve your life.

1. Choose A Storage Strategy

Not every closet is designed the same way, so there’s no one-size-fits-all storage strategy. You have to organize your closet according to its size and shape.

Look at your closet layout. Does it have shelving? If not, you should add some. And if you already have shelves, you should put some bins and baskets on them.

Take a serious look at what you’ve got going on in there. Identify places where you can mount some shelves to create new storage opportunities. Shelving is the best way to prevent your closet from becoming the biggest junk drawer in your home.

Login to Amazon or hit up your local department store to gather everything you’ll need. Then, you can start straightening out your mess. 

2. Start From Scratch & Empty It All

Before you try to organize your hallway closet, take everything out (and I mean everything).

As you pull everything out, look at each item, even the BandAids. Decide if it is worth keeping or needs to disappear. 

If you choose to keep it, put it in a pile with the other, similar items you’re holding onto. Place jackets with jackets, batteries with electronics, and so on. This will help you decide where to return everything to when you’re done.

Once everything is categorized, take a look at your piles. Decide if the closet is the best place for them.

Does your collection of dress shoes need to go in the hallway closet, or could you keep them in your bedroom? And what about those beach towels? Can you store them in your bathroom with the other towels?

Don’t let your closet be a catch-all, or it will be difficult to keep organized after you’ve worked so hard.

While you’re in there, give it a good cleaning. Wipe down the shelves, scrub the floors, and dust the ceiling. This little room can get quite dirty!

After it’s clean, begin putting things back. With fewer items and a new storage strategy, you should have a lot more space.

3. Use The Door, Too

When you’re dealing with tiny areas, it’s important to take advantage of the entire space. Every square inch helps!

So, don’t overlook spaces like the back of the door. If you have a few inches between the closed door and the shelves, use it! Hang an over-the-door organizer to store things like hats, scarves, and other accessories.

An over-the-door rack is a great place to keep your keys, too. That way, you’ll always know where to find them when you need them!

4. Find The Right Tools For Your Closet

You’ve used baskets, bins, shelves, and over-the-door techniques to get your stuff in order. But if you’re still cramped for space, don’t give up. Help is on the way!

Hooks, wooden pegs, and special hangers are perfect for small closets. They’re designed to help you maximize space, so they don’t take up much room themselves. You can use these tools to hang jackets, hats, umbrellas, and so much more!

If your lease prevents you from drilling holes into the wall, you might not be able to use all of these tools. But heavy-duty suction cups can be used to install baskets for your small clutter. And you can mount adhesive hooks to the wall without screws.

For bulky items like blankets and jackets, get some vacuum sealer bags. These compress your items so they take up less space. You can even take your vacuum-sealed bags out of the closet and store them under your bed!

5. Let The Floor Be Your Final Step

The ceiling is the limit for shelves. But don’t forget you have floors, too.

This open area is the perfect place to organize your shoes. After all, most footwear is too bulky and awkward to fit in baskets or on shelves.

Shoe organizers come in all different shapes and sizes. Even if you have a small closet, you can squeeze in a skinny shoe tower for your frequently-worn footwear. Whether you want a basic one or a stylish one, there’s a shoe tower out there for your taste and budget.

If you have a large collection of footwear, you might not want to keep them in the hallway closet. Invest in an over-the-door shoe rack for your bedroom closet and keep them there instead.


You’ve probably seen TV shows where an unsuspecting guest opens a jam-packed hallway closet, only to end up covered in junk. There’s a grain of truth in those jokes.

So before you have to dig a guest out of a pile of jackets, get your closet under control. With a strategic storage system and a few simple tools, you can have the organized closet you’ve always wanted.

Carynes GitlerAuthor Bio

Carynes Gitler oversees the office at Onshore, a luxury apartment community in Daytona, FL.