The scenic islands, abundant of wildlife and the beautiful landscape, Squam lake should be your new landscape. It’s a peaceful summer destination in the Lakes Region that sits at the Southside of the White Mountains and to the northwest of the Lake Winnipesaukee.

It’s home to bad eagles, great blue herons, loons and many other species of fish including salmon, bass, perch, and pickerel. Encased in 30 islands and various islets, Squam Lake is all about natural serenity.  Here are some of the best things you can do at Squam Lake:

Visit The Squam Lake Natural Science Centre:

The Natural Science Centre of Squam lake is a fun and soothing place for everyone to enjoy. The place is home to deer, bobcats, mountain lions, skunks, foxes, and many birds. Basically, it’s an environmental education center which was founded in 1966. Apart from the animals, you can enjoy live education programs.

Paddle To Squam Lake:

Squam Lake association is a non-profitable organization that protects the natural beauty and watershed health of the lake. There are fleet of Kayaks and canoes that are available for the rent. Get them and kayak in the lake.

The trained professionals are there to teach you equipment handling and basic boating skills. If you are here in summer, there will be various summer programs ranging from hiking to fishing to fly. Book your cottage place on Squam Lake and stay in luxury.

Squam Brewing:

Savor the Squam brewing and enjoy the cold beer. Opened in 2010, it’s a three-barrel nonbrewery, which is based on the quintessential New England. They prepare beer, which is sold throughout the Squam Lakes Region. If you want to see inside the brewery, you can also book an appointment and take a tour.

Inn Kitchen And Bar:

Situated at the award-winning Squam Lake Inn, the Inn Kitchen and Bar make the perfect choice to spend summer nights. It’s outdoor dining area filled with twinkling lights, and ideal seating is what attract most people.

Besides, the indoor seating is also very cozy, comfortable, and offer easy access to the bar. Their cook food using the local ingredients, including herbs and herbs that are bought from the on-site garden.

Hike To The Traverse:

The crowds coming to the Squam Lake are drawn to 4,000-foot summits of White Mountains. Just get to the hike of Crawford-Ridgepole Trail, which is a 13-mile long hike and witness the view of the beautiful region.

There will be seven summits that come along the trail. However, if you want to hike to a shorter trail, head to the Mount Percival/ Morgan Loop Trail. It’s a five-mile loop which you can hike with ease.

Want something easier? Head to the 1.7-mile out-and-back trail situated at the West Rattlesnake Mountain in the Holderness. This trail will give you a panoramic view; however, it has high traffic and limited space for vehicles.

Shop From The Artisans At Squam Lake:

Support our creative community to ensure you get something from the place when you head back. You can look place for photography, pottery, paintings, jewelry, paper art, glasswork, fine art, and other sculptures. The place has something for everyone!

The Marketplace:

From the Squam Lake Marketplace, you can stock the locally produced meat, cheese, eggs, and more. There’s a market for a curated selection of wine, beer, and more to make your stay memorable. Stop at the place for freshly crafted coffee and baked pastry.

Also, don’t miss the signature sandwiches, ice cream filled with locally made ice cream and home-made cookies.

Camping At The Lake:

There are three camping areas on the Squam Lake that are maintained by the association, with two of them are on the island. This means the campers have to paddle themselves to reach the place. So, those some of the must-haves you need to do at Squam lake.