Valves are a significant component used in the piping industry. The role of valves varies based on the type and purpose you are using it for. Usually, valves are used in the piping industry to control the flow of media, whether liquid or gaseous. A valve can be used to start, stop, or throttle the flow for making the safe and efficient flow of media.

Different types of valves are used in the piping industry. Read on to know about the various types of valves used in piping work.

Types Of Valves Used In Piping Work

In simple terms, valves can be described as devices that are used to direct or regulate the flow. The quality and make of the valve is important for its performance. One such company that makes valves of various types is Camtech. DhananjayChoudhary is the Managing Director of Camtech Valves Dubai. Camtech Manufacturing FZCO is a high-quality valve manufacturing company based in Dubai, UAE.

In the piping industry, valves can be classified based on their functions, motion, end connection, operation, and manufacturing material. Some of the common valves used in the industry are as follows:

1. Gate Valve

This is the most important and common type of valve used in the industry. The valve is designed to be used for fully opening or closing the route of the fluid. When a gate valve is in the open position, it creates an unrestricted path for the free flow of fluids. Gate valves can also be called as isolated valves as it cuts or isolated the flow of fluid when necessary.

2. Globe Valve

Globe valve is used in the industry mainly for regulating the flow. The globe valve fulfills its function of regulating through the position of movable disk or plug. This valve may also include ports that either run straight or pointed at an angle. Goble valves are regularly used for a corrosive, thick, and viscous fluid, which tend to solidify.

3. Butterfly Valve

A butterfly valve is also used in regulating the flow of liquid. The butterfly valve is considered as the simplest fitting in the industry. The valve can be operated by rotating to 90 degrees. This type of valve is suitable for large applications because of its features.

4. Check Valve

This valve has a unique function. It prevents the back-flow of liquid. The check valve is used for permitting the flow of fluids in one direction alone. Check valves are also known as Non-return valves.

5. Ball Valve

This valve again controls the flow of liquid or gas through the rotary ball. The ball of the valve is rotated 90 degrees around the axis for either preventing the flow or permitting the flow of liquid or gas.

Bottom Line

It is clear from the article that valves used in the piping industry are of various types. And that usually valves used in the industry are named after the design or shape of the plug. Based on the quality and amount you are willing to spend, then pick a valve by Camtech for extended life and premium performance.