Jewelry has always been the right way of accentuating your fashion appeal. We all tend to try different accessories in order to stand out from the crowd. These days chains are in vogue, be it necklaces or bracelets, chains look great with any jewelry. A nice chain bracelet or chain necklace can help you show off the chic side of your personality. The best part about this trendy jewelry is that you can be beautiful without any effort.

Women love wearing tennis bracelets to show off their slender wrist. Chain bracelets can be engraved with gems and diamonds. Ordinary bracelets don’t excite women anymore. They all want something which can look perfectly out of the box and eye-catching. Bracelets and necklaces made of chains are not only in trend but also a piece of jewelry that everyone prefers as a daily accessory. To showcase your style, choose the type of chain jewelry based on how it would look in you.

Chains come in different metals like gold, silver, and stainless steel. There are many types and subtypes of chains you will find in necklaces and bracelets. Here is the guide on 8 most popular types of chains people love these days:

Rope Chain

This type of chain is a set of cables with so-called open braided links since the braid is similar to that used to make ropes or fiber ropes. The rope chain consists of two thick strands that intertwine, making it look like a twisted effect. Many jewelers try to make more complex and intricate versions of the rope chains with different sizes and lengths.

Snake Chain

It is a type of pipe chain, consisting of curved plates. Snake chains are very flexible and look solid and tubular instead of open links. This type of chin jewelry is most popular amongst the youth. Because of its unique and smooth appearance like a snake, boys prefer wearing a necklace made of snake chain.

Box Chain

The box chain has square links that look like cubes. They are strong chains, ideal for daily use bracelets. In a round box, the links are made of semi-circular wire, which gives the finished chain a round profile. It is a versatile piece of jewelry in bracelets and necklaces.

Figaro Chain

Figaro chains are characterized by a patterned mesh structure. Usually, a long rectangular link is followed by three small round links. You can add a pendant to the Figaro chain for an elegant necklace look. These fancy-looking chains come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Cuban Link Chain

It consists of solid C-shaped sections that combine a trendy and wonderful classic style in a repeated motif. It is designed to stay flat and is known for its flexibility. This chain jewelry comes in silver, 14k gold, and other metals. It is strong and beautiful and isn’t going to break due to accidental pulling or daily use easily.

Ball Chain

The ball chain is made up of metal balls and not open links. This type of jewelry chain is also called a pearl, bead, and granule chain. The balls can be closely connected or have small distances between them to allow some movement. Jewelry made of ball chains is always sturdy and of high quality.

Trace Chain

Trace chains are very thin with small and oval links. These chains give a beautifully finished classic look in jewelry. Stainless steel and gold trace chains are more popular than other metals. It is a great choice for someone who wants to wear a lightweight pendant or bracelet.

Belcher Chain

Also known as the Rolo chain, the Belcher chain is very similar to the track chain, but the links are wider, and the chain has a good thickness. This is a strong chain, which is why it’s used mostly in men’s jewelry.

Where To Get It Customized?

When you buy a bracelet or necklace, make sure it fits you perfectly. It is advisable to buy sterling silver chains and bracelets because they can easily get customized without losing its actual beauty. If you have a specific type of design in your mind, you can easily get it customized at sterling silver bracelets wholesale stores. For people who want a particular length in their necklaces, they can get it customized from any sterling silver necklace wholesale stores. Take out your chain jewelry and get ready to look stunning.