What is it? Is it something that has been typed by mistake? If you are thinking the same, you need to know about DoggoLingo!

DoggoLingo also means dog-speak, woof, or bork, which is an internet language hot topic that is created from internet memes, word conversions, and onomatopoeia. This is a dog’s own idiom that is used to describe how dogs speak in their own way. DoggoLingo is a joyful, upbeat, and clueless in a friendly way.

So why does anyone has to learn DoggoLingo? Because every dog-channel on social media has it! This might be intimidating, but this language can make your content much cuter and also fun. While there are people who wonder how childish this is, imagine your dog talking, probably this is exactly the way they would do it.

Here are some frequent terms that you might encounter if you stroll into dog territory:

Words Along With Their Meanings

Bork: bark

Chimken/Chimkin: chicken

Cramker: cracker

Cromchy: crunchy

Bamboozle: trick, fool

Blop: sticking out tongue inadvertently

Bop /Boop: tap on the nose

Dis an Dat: this and that

Doggo: dog

Doing Me A _____: causing me to be _____, for instance, “You are doing me a concern”

Floof: a fluffy dog

Fren / Frend: friend

Good Boi: good boy

Heck/Heckin /Hekkin/ Heckin’: darn/very — for instance, “that’s a heckin’ delicious treato”

Henlo: hello

Hooman: human

Joosy: juicy

Karen / Linda: a person who is being difficult.

Mlem: sticking tongue way out

Pupperino: puppy

Puppers: puppies

R: are

Sike: psyched out, as known as tricked

Treato: treat / snack

U: you

Gib: Give

Yum disc: pizza

Smol: small

Birb: bird

Caid/Cade: cat

Sum: some

Yum cream: ice cream

Zoomies: short energy bursts of intense running, technically called as FRAPS — frenetic random activity periods. Now that you have the vocabulary, you can understand the doggo-speak. Like this:

“Henlo my doggo frends, I would be heckin’ happy if you gib me sum likes!”

We all know that dogs are awful spellers. While this is undoubtedly a function of the animosity of dog paws with the computer keyboards, understanding this language can your reading interesting. Besides, their cheerful and playful dispositions need them to use a number of unique terms that are not found elsewhere. A touch of internet memes and abbreviations from texting get added into this blend of how dogs speak online. While putting it all together was a challenge for humans earlier, now they can be a master in the doggo territory.

People who own a dog will know the best that they are just like kids, responding to adoring nonsense. Some birds are even intensely social, just like cats having their social phases. However, dogs, especially, have evolved to decode human inflection. Thus, it’s fair to have conversations with them using their own special language!

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