China is a country filled with surprises, a variety of attractions, and even some gems that are worth visiting. The country features lots of exotic destinations which should also be the part of your itinerary.

But, while there are many things you know about the country, there are some essential things you should know before landing there. Here are some:

Don’t Overstock Things:

While you might be having the temptation to pack all the stuff, there are many things you don’t need in China. Here are a few things you can’t take with you:

  • Clothes (Too Many): Just don’t fill your luggage with clothes because you can get them there at very low prices. If you are going there in summer, just some summer clothes and an overcoat is enough.
  • Extra Batteries: Don’t! You are not going to Soviet Russia; you can get them there with ease.
  • Drugs:  While its no-brainer to get them; if you still have medical drugs, get a prescription to keep them. Keep in mind that the Chinese government is very strict on drugs, so don’t put yourself in trouble and keep them at home.

Documents Are Important When Leaving:  

Of course, it’s important to get a passport for entering most of the countries traveling in china need more than just a passport. You have to apply for an entry visa before time and has to fulfill other visa formalities.

You should be well aware of the guide to China visa to know everything specifically. Further, depending on your citizenship, the Chinese Embassy would ask for some documents to issue a visa.

Don’t Forget To Alert Your Bank:

Since all your Mastercard and Visa will work in China, there are few things you shouldn’t forget and alert the back about the visit is one of them. If you forget to tell your bank, they might cancel your card.

Also, not all ATM in China will accept your card, even if there’s a Visa symbol marked on the door. However, you can go to China Construction Bank or ICBC to stay safe.

Further, credit card frauds and phishing are very common in the country, so be extra cautions. You don’t need to be paranoid, just keep checking your bank statements after intervals to ensure there’s isn’t any fraud transactions.

China Is Cashless ( Almost):

Most of the countries are into the cashless system, but only a few are embracing the change as quickly as China. Not only a cashless country offer benefits like lower transaction cost, but it also creates divides between those who can go without cash and those who cannot.

You can use Alipay or WeChat to pay either from the self-checkout counters or through Smartphones.  So, either uses credit/debit cards to have the mobile payment applications installed on your phone.

China Is Expensive For Expats:

Previously, China was a really cheap country for foreigners to stay. However, today, expat living has increasingly expensive, especially in the top tier cities. However, you can still save money if you skip living at expat hubs and stay on rent.

So, be warned- if you are living like an expat in China, it perhaps would cost you more than expected. However, if you eat like locals, stay like them, living in China would be quite affordable.

You Need To Bypass The Great Firewall:

China’s Great firewall is a big internet firewall that censors the content of internet traffic. It also blocks things that the Chinese government doesn’t want their people to see. So, be prepared with a VPN for china to access all the blocked sites.

If you want to make your stay in china stress-free, keep the above things in mind before leaving.